Gartner Report: 4 Steps to Improve IT Service View CMDB Data Quality

"Inaccurate configuration item data in an IT service view CMDB can delay incident resolution and degrade change quality. I&O leaders must address data ownership, data model scope, systems of record and IT change management gaps to sustainably improve configuration item data quality."

"I&O leaders struggle to convince their teams to keep configuration item data up to date, leading to stale data.
Configuration item data maintenance is often considered low-priority work and neglected, causing data to become less accurate over time."

With the latest Gartner report entitled "4 Steps to Improve IT Service View CMDB Data Quality" you can learn how to:

Gartner, 4 Steps to Improve IT Service View CMDB Data Quality, Roger Williams, Victoria Barber, Kenneth Gonzalez, Douglas Laney, 6 May 2019

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